Honoring God in Commercial Real Estate

Note: This is the first of a set of vocation-specific interviews that the Center for Faith and Work at LeTourneau University is planning. We hope to spotlight each one for you here as they are released.

By Bill Peel

Getting a bird’s-eye view of parcels of land is an important part of real estate development. It’s also a reminder of how real estate development fits into God’s agenda to cultivate his creation and bring what He created to full flower.

Courtesy of Jim and Martha Brangenberg of iWork4Him radio, we had the privilege of interviewing Joe Carroll, VP at Caverder & Hill Properties, Inc., a full-service commercial real estate firm specializing in leasing, brokerage, management, and development of commercial and industrial properties in the Greater San Antonio area. Joe is the author of several books, including Experiencing God in Your Work. and he leads an ourstanding marketplace ministry called BLE, or Biblical Leadership for Excellence.

Listen to our interview with Joe Carroll on this iWork4Him Radio podcast.

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