Author: djdean01

Dr. Debra J. Dean is foremost an accomplished Christian leader affiliated with Regent University as an adjunct professor. She is also President & CEO of Dean Business Consulting. Her recent notable conference participation includes The Faith at Work Summit, Academy of Management MSR Consortium Planning, Academic Oasis, OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit, and the Regent University Roundtable. Dr. Dean’s latest research efforts include the following: (a) Integration of Christian Values in the Workplace: An examination of employee engagement, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment, (b) Religion and Spirituality in the Workplace: A quantitative evaluation of job satisfaction and organizational commitment, and (c) A Correlation Study of Employee Engagement and Servant Leadership. Consequent to her exceptional performance, Dr. Dean received the 2018 Outstanding Reviewer award for the Management, Spirituality, and Religion (MSR) community; she was also nominated both as one of three top operational excellence leaders with OPEX, and as a top female leader within her previous global workplace. Dr. Dean is currently pursuing other passions including her work against Human trafficking, character development and support to military and governmental organizations. She resides in Colorado with her husband Steve and is a mother to six amazing children.

Book Review: First, Break All the Rules

By Debra J. Dean Buckingham and Coffman’s classic book First, Break All the Rules (1999) is inspiring, insightful, and encouraging, and their common sense approach to finding the answer to what makes a great manager is brilliant. Their findings confirmed that not all great managers use the same leadership style, nor do they all adhere to conventional wisdom. This book…