Workplace Discipleship: Free Video Study Series

Reprinted from Workplace 313.

Workplace 313 is excited to offer churches and study groups a 12-part series of 18-20-minute videos with Dr. David W. Gill—plus a downloadable Study Guide—on the basics of workplace discipleship (“faith at work”).

Our churches help members with the basics of prayer, Bible study, evangelism, and church and family life. But there is usually a gaping hole when it comes to preparing our people to serve the Lord in their workplaces. It is a missing link. Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive, biblical, and practical resource to the faith community.

This free video series is available at For a complete introduction and program details check out the Study Guide and review the “Key Points” covered in each session. The series is based on David Gill’s book Workplace Discipleship 101: A Primer (2020), a recommended (but not required) companion to the course (available in print, e-book, and audiobook formats).


Could you offer this at your church this summer, fall, or next spring? (Think six or twelve one-hour sessions). 

Check it out and take advantage of this wonderful study opportunity at no charge.

Please contact series speaker David Gill if you have any questions.

Workplace Discipleship 101 is all about bringing our Christian faith and values to our daily work. “Work” includes any and all of our efforts to make things and deliver services—paid or volunteer, blue or white collar, veteran or novice, large or small enterprise.
But how does our biblical faith affect what we do and how we do it?

What difference does it make if Jesus is truly Lord of our work?

The heart of this study is in Part Two: Presence. What is our impact in the workplace? What is God’s job description for disciples? We look at five aspects: (1) the work itself, the products and services; (2) the worker himself or herself, who we are; (3) what we have to say, our ideas and insights; (4) sharing our faith appropriately in our workplace; and
(5) overcoming conflict and wrongdoing in our workplace.

But we cannot be a faithful, effective “presence” unless we do the right Preparation (Part One in series). We can’t “play the game” if we are not properly “conditioned” and prepared. We take a careful look at the importance of (1) commitment,(2) prayer,
(3) listening to God’s Word, (4) finding supportive partners, and (5) lifelong learning.

Finally, as important as is our workplace discipleship, our work must not become an obsession or idol. Thus, we close (Part Three) by considering (1) how we can contribute our resources and skills back at our church, neighborhood, and community, and (2) how
to be sure we break from our work for rest, worship, and play.

Fired up and ready to go? Then please go to:

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