EWP Talks on History: God’s Mighty Works

Reprinted from the Oikonomia Network.

Our collection of EWP Talks on History will help your students see that they are part of a much bigger story – the story of the mighty works of God done among us, his people, across the centuries since the coming of the Word and Spirit. From a 4th century witness against slavery to the social witness of the 16th century reformers to the politicization of evangelical U.S. churches in the 20th century, these talks will expand your students’ horizons as they consider the challenges before them today.

Each EWP Talk is about 15-20 minutes long, so they’re easy to use. But the conversations they’ll catalyze in your classroom, church or group will be much longer.

This semester, consider assigning your students a talk from our video library!

And, of course, in addition to our History playlist, we also have collections of talks on EthicsTheologyOld TestamentNew TestamentCultureSpiritual Formation and Pastoral Leadership!

Here’s a closer look at some of the talks in our History collection:

Chris Armstrong | “Vocation? Whatever!” From Work/Life Balance to a Seamless Life

Chris Armstrong of Wheaton College evokes key moments from church history, and from his personal history of struggle with attitudes about rest, home and work, to offer a compelling vision for why a theology of vocation must be central to the life of faith.

Consider assigning in: Ethics, Spiritual Formation, History

Jennifer Powell McNutt | A God Who Crosses the Tracks: Social Action in Reformation Theology

Luther and Calvin said justification by faith alone sets us free to love and serve others, working to bring life to the world, with special care for those most in need – and in their churches and communities, they practiced what they preached. In this stirring talk, Jennifer Powell McNutt traces the connection between justification and social action in Reformation theology.

Consider assigning in: History, Ethics, Theology, Pastoral Leadership

Jennifer Woodruff Tait, Charlie Self & Jay Moon | Dislocation and Discovery: The Industrial Revolution and the Wesleyan Movement

The Industrial Revolution was one of the most massive cultural and economic changes in global history, and we have inherited both positive and negative narratives about its impact. Historians Jennifer Woodruff Tait and Charlie Self look at the Wesleyan movement’s response to these changes to consider how the modern economy has shaped our world in both good and bad ways. Jay Moon moderates the discussion.

Consider assigning in: History, Ethics, Culture

Gavin Ortlund | Worth Standing Up For: Hearing a 4th-Century Witness for Justice and the Gospel

Christians have always recognized that the gospel calls us to stand up for justice – as difficult and complicated as that can be. Gavin Ortlund of First Baptist Church of Ojai draws on Gregory of Nyssa’s prophetic stand against slavery to help us see how we can stand up for justice in our own time.

Consider assigning in: History, Ethics, Culture, Pastoral Leadership, Theology

Greg Forster | Fruitful Paradoxes: Bringing Life to the World in the Modern Economy

Being the church means bringing life to the world, but how do we help our students lead churches that do that? In this stimulating talk, Oikonomia Network Director Greg Forster argues that “economic life is the most powerful way to bring life to the world,” because “the economy is where people mostly live.” Drawing on the ancient Letter to Diognetus, Forster unpacks fruitful paradoxes to help Christians think about how to bring life to the world in the modern economy.

Consider assigning in: Ethics, Pastoral Leadership, Culture, History

Anthony Bradley | Christian Personalism: How to Preach a Public Faith without Making Atheists

Anthony Bradley of The King’s College looks at the fallout of the Religious Right, and how the school of thought known as Christian Personalism can provide an alternative approach to bringing our faith into the public square.

Consider assigning in: Culture, Ethics, Pastoral Leadership, Theology, History

And More:

Chris Armstrong | God’s People, Christ’s Body, Spirit’s Temple: Being a Sacred Church

Keith Reeves | Family and Opportunity in the Law and the Prophets

Check out these talks and those in our other topical areas – it’s always a good time to point your students to good resources on the challenging questions they face!

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