EWP Talks on OT: God’s Firm Foundation

Reprinted from the Oikonomia Network.

Our collection of EWP Talks on Old Testament will help your students explore how this often-challenging material – the large majority of our Bibles! – provides vital insight for how we live our lives today. As we strive for economic wisdom, we need to know, and know well, the firm foundation God laid for his post-Pentecost people in the many centuries of covenant life he lived with his people before sending his Son.

Each EWP Talk is about 15-20 minutes long, so they’re easy to use. But the conversations they’ll catalyze in your classroom, church or group will be much longer.

This semester, consider assigning your students a talk from our video library!

And, of course, in addition to our Old Testament playlist, we also have collections of talks on EthicsTheologyNew TestamentCultureSpiritual FormationPastoral Leadership and History!

Here’s a closer look at some of the talks in our Old Testament collection:

Michael Thigpen | The Work of Our Hands: Creation and Economics

Evangelical Theological Society Executive Director J. Michael Thigpen describes how the image of God in the Genesis creation account structures every area of human life, including our work and economic activity.

Consider assigning in: Theology, Old Testament

Keith Reeves | Family and Opportunity in the Law and the Prophets

Keith Reeves of Azusa-Pacific University describes the connection between the household, family structure, land ownership and economic opportunity in the Old Testament law and prophets, and how these connections apply today.

Consider assigning in: Old Testament, Ethics, History

Eric Tully | Proverbs and Money: You’re Not Playing Monopoly

Why isn’t Monopoly as fun as it should be – grabbing everything for ourselves should be fun, shouldn’t it? Eric Tully of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School brings wisdom from Proverbs to help us rethink the role of money in our lives and in our economies.

Consider assigning in: Old Testament, Ethics

Andy Crouch | A Pruned Life: Isaiah’s Posterity Gospel

Drawing on Isaiah 5, Andy Crouch speaks about the challenge of separating real flourishing from mere material prosperity in the midst of economic growth and technological innovation. In a world of instant gratification, what is of lasting importance?

Consider assigning in: Culture, Ethics, Spiritual Formation, Old Testament

Mark Roberts | All Good Work: Creation and Parenthood

Mark Roberts of Fuller Theological Seminary draws on the Genesis creation account to invite us to resist the cultural narrative that “work” only happens in a job, contending that all good work is God-valued work – including the critical task of raising children.

Consider assigning in: Ethics, Old Testament

Tom Nelson | If We Would Be Faithful: Fruitfulness Matters

Made to Flourish President Tom Nelson speaks on the integral relationship between faithfulness and fruitfulness, reviewing passages including the Genesis creation account, Proverbs 31 and the teachings of Jesus.

Consider assigning in: Spiritual Formation, Pastoral leadership, Theology, Old Testament, New Testament, Ethics

Check out these talks and those in our other topical areas – it’s always a good time to point your students to good resources on the challenging questions they face!

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