EWP Talks on Theology: Knowledge that Gives Life

Reprinted from the Oikonomia Network.

Our collection of EWP Talks on Theology will help your students draw more extensively on the theological knowledge tradition to help people wrestle with today’s opportunities and difficulties. At the core of our work in the Oikonomia Network is drawing connections between the knowledge of God and his word stewarded in the church and the challenges of a changing world. We are convinced this is an essential service for the discipleship of God’s people, and the life of God’s world.

Each EWP Talk is about 15-20 minutes long, so they’re easy to use. But the conversations they’ll catalyze in your classroom, church or group will be much longer.

This semester, consider assigning your students a talk from our video library!

And, of course, in addition to our Theology playlist, we also have collections of talks on EthicsNew TestamentOld TestamentCultureSpiritual FormationPastoral Leadership and History!

Here’s a closer look at some of the talks in our Theology collection:

Fred Sanders | The Portable Trinity: Working within God’s Work

The Trinity isn’t about counting to three, Fred Sanders tells us, it’s about the God who sends his Son and his Spirit, and then sends his people. Far from a dry abstraction, the doctrine of the Trinity shows us that we do our daily work within the work of God himself.

Consider assigning in: Theology, New Testament

Michael Wittmer | The Same Call: Vocation Is Integral to the Gospel

Michael Wittmer shows us how to leave behind tired debates (evangelism v. justice) and false dualisms (“I left my job to go into full-time ministry”) by seeing that the call to receive forgiveness through faith in Christ and the call to serve Christ with good works in the world are the same call.

Consider assigning in: Theology, New Testament

Nathan Hitchcock | A Plan for All Things: The Economy of God in Ephesians

Nathan Hitchcock of Sioux Falls Seminary unpacks the meaning of the biblical term oikonomia. He points out that Paul uses this term frequently; reviewing Paul’s use of the phrase oikonomia theou in Ephesians, Hitchcock argues that God’s creation plan – the economy of God – is an audacious enterprise.

Consider assigning in: Theology, New Testament

J. Michael Thigpen | The Work of Our Hands: Creation and Economics

Evangelical Theological Society Executive Director J. Michael Thigpen describes how the image of God in the Genesis creation account structures every area of human life, including our work and economic activity.

Consider assigning in: Theology, Old Testament

Charlie Self | Faithful Churches Create Flourishing Communities: Righteousness, Peace and Joy

Charlie Self of Assemblies of God Theological Seminary draws together God’s communicable attributes with church experiences from Dallas and Oregon all the way to Sri Lanka and Cambodia, presenting the church’s mission embodying righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit within all the world’s communities.

Consider assigning in: Pastoral Leadership, Theology, Culture, New Testament

Chris Armstrong | God’s People, Christ’s Body, Spirit’s Temple: Being a Sacred Church

What if we’re getting the whole sacred/secular problem backward? Chris Armstrong invites us to rethink what the church really is – a visible sign of invisible grace – before we roll up our sleeves to change the world.

Consider assigning in: Pastoral Leadership, Theology, Spiritual Formation, Ethics, History, New Testament

And More:

Tom Nelson | If We Would Be Faithful: Fruitfulness Matters

Jennifer Powell McNutt | A God Who Crosses the Tracks: Social Action in Reformation Theology

Rachael & Jacob Denhollander | Justice and Vocation: A Conversation with Rachael and Jacob Denhollander

Gavin Ortlund | Worth Standing Up For: Hearing a 4th-Century Witness for Justice and the Gospel

Anthony Bradley | Christian Personalism: How to Preach a Public Faith without Making Atheists

Deborah Gill | Discipleize! The Great Commission in All of Life

Bruce Fields | A Humble Dignity: Striving in His Image Is Flourishing

Constantine Campbell | Chosen Sojourners in 1st Peter: Living Between Two Worlds

Check out these talks and those in our other topical areas – it’s always a good time to point your students to good resources on the challenging questions they face!

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