Breaking Ground: The Church and Cultural Renewal

By Nathan Mladin, reprinted from the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

At LICC, we’re passionate about seeing everyday followers of Jesus make a difference right where they already are. Monday to Saturday, we’re the scattered church in whole-life Christian service on countless frontlines. “Shaping culture” to look more like Christ’s kingdom is why we’re here.

But what is the process of seeing our culture changed? And how can Christian leaders of the gathered church, and its associated institutions like theological colleges, help these whole-life disciples join in the mission of God to make all things new?

These big questions warrant wise reflection, listening well to the word, the world, and one another. Which is why we’re pleased to host Dr. Nathan Mladin’s Breaking Ground report.

Breaking Ground was written in 2021 on behalf of Theos think tank, to help the church understand how it can more faithfully and fruitfully participate in cultural renewal. By exploring leading theories of cultural change, drawing out insights from case studies, and building an organic theology of cultural engagement, Nathan has crafted a crucial piece of research which we hope will spark meaningful conversations about what our role institutionally and individually might be.

This is a creative commons resource, so download and share this freely! However, don’t change the text, and please request permission from the author ( if you want to print out multiple copies beyond personal use.

May God bless as you read and discuss this work with others similarly dedicated to making a difference. May we be cultural gardeners, who care, cultivate, and co-create with Christ towards the kingdom.

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