Seminary Spotlight: Moody Theological Seminary

By Sajan Mathews, reprinted from the Oikonomia Network.

The Faith and Work Program at Moody Theological Seminary (MTS) is blessed by the encouragement and full support of the new vice president and dean of the seminary, Winfred Neely.

Distinguished Speaker Lectureship on Faith and Work

The pandemic has changed our method of hosting the Moody Distinguished Speaker Lectureship on Faith and Work, from in-person lunchtime events to virtual ones. But the response of the attendees – students, staff, faculty and the Moody Radio listening audience – has grown rather than diminished. Among the numerous thank-you and positive comments we received the end of the last event, when our speaker was Coach Dave Wannstedt, former head coach of the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins, one attendee, R. Jones, said: “Thank you for the wonderful time today with the coach . . . . Though the method has changed, ‘but God’ still has his way at our gatherings.”

Over the years, MTS has hosted more than 40 lectureships. Past events and future ones can be viewed at the lecture series website.  More lectures are scheduled for February, March and April, and probably May, of 2021. The president of Moody Bible Institute, Mark Jobe, and Provost Dwight Perry, as well as other senior administration officials, attend and support these lectures. 

Faith and Work Coursework and Non-Degree Certificate

While seminary students are able to take the course Workplace Steward Leadership as an elective, which focuses on the integration of faith and work, it is at the Moody undergraduate school where it has flourished and students have really caught on to it. This course was held in Fall 2020, and is being held in Spring 2021 taught by the faith and work program director and professor, Sajan Mathews. A student in the course, Rebekah, stated: “The information I learned in your course will be useful in future ministry. Thank you again for your willingness to serve the Lord by teaching others how to be properly equipped for building the kingdom of God.”

MTS is also now offering a non-degree certificate course that is taught on six Saturdays from January 30 to March 6, 2021. Students in the course are keenly interested to integrate and propagate faith in their workplaces.

Overall, it can be said that these efforts help to call people to whole-life discipleship to the Lord Jesus Christ, seven days a week, at worship and at work, and to devote themselves “for the life of the world” and the advancement of the kingdom of God.

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