Announcing City Gate: Webinar April 15

By Lisa Slayton, reprinted from Tamim Partners.

It has been just over a year since the world changed dramatically. And it has been a hard year, challenging each of us significantly. It has also been a year that has allowed some time to reflect and re-imagine, releasing things that need to die away and creating space to bring new things into the world, a chrysalis of sorts.

And I have done such reflection and re-imagination , for myself and for my work,

  • by seeking out new tools, resources and research to provide a unique blend of vocational coaching, spiritual direction and leadership mentoring
  • by gaining clarity in my own sense of calling and focus for this season of work and vocation and identifying where I want to invest my best energy
  • by reflecting deeply on what it means to be a partner with others in shared work with trusted friends and colleagues for expanded reach and impact

It is to this end that I am so pleased to announce that I have joined with the good people of the Denver Institute for Faith and Work to (re) launch an initiative called….

You can read the full announcement here and a more fulsome history of how CityGate came into being is here. I am so pleased to be investing a portion of my time in this work—advancing faith, work and justice at a time when the world needs this kind of vocational coherence and transformation so very much.

The work of CityGate will be focused on supporting and strengthening the broader network of gospel-oriented leaders who are bringing together faith, work, justice, and community renewal.  

We will be holding monthly webinar learning labs- the first one is scheduled for April 15th from 4-5 pm ET.

Register here for the April 15 webinar

I am also delighted to announce that Erin Bindewald has joined me in the work of Tamim Partners and CityGate to bring order to it all.

I continue to offer deep vocational coaching and consulting with both individuals and teams, and would be pleased to schedule a call to explore possibilities. You can email me here.

Grace and Peace to you all!

PS Listen here to a just released podcast “Work, Wholeness and Justice” where I talk with Bob Robinson of (re) integrate about all of this!

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