Rethinking Urban Poverty: A Video from the 2016 Dallas Faith at Work Summit

The purpose of the Faith@Work Summit is to gather active participants and leaders in the faith at work movement from every industry sector to learn from each other and work together to extend Christ’s transforming presence in workplaces around the world. The 2018 Faith at Work Summit, held in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare on October 11th-13th, is now open for registration! Early registration is now available at $239 per ticket, so be sure to purchase soon. 

Chris Brooks and Evangel Ministries have been faithfully seeking to address issues of urban poverty in the city of Detroit since 1998. In this talk from the 2016 Dallas Faith@Work Summit, Brooks shares some of the insights they have gleaned in efforts to bring a holistic understanding of gospel and vocation to bring restorative waters to an “urban desert.”

Check out this 15-minute video to learn how Brooks envisions seeing occupations not merely as means toward a paycheck, but as a “vocation” that can be utilized to fulfill God’s command to love neighbors in need. Multi-generational poverty in communities is a real problem demanding multi-sectored, interdisciplinary solutions. Rather than pitting social justice against gospel concerns, Brooks lays out a vision where “solving social problems is not a violation of the gospel, but actually a fulfillment of it.”


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