The Best Laid Plans of Many People Gang Aft Agley This Week

This week, Acton University is taking place in Grand Rapids, MI. The Green Room’s grand plan was that I could go and blog the AU experience for you, paying special attention to sessions related to an ambitious new theology of work edited by Trey Dimsdale and R. Keith Loftin. We’d then follow up with a review of the book on the blog as well as interviews with the authors of the various chapters.

Well, three hours before my plane was to leave, I got a violent case of the stomach flu which had been making its way through our household. So, Acton is in Michigan but I am not.

Through the magic of modern technology, though, I’ll be listening to the talks soon, and rolling out responses on the blog over the next few weeks and scheduling interviews.

In the meantime, I have been to AU previously, as has my husband (a freelance author and blogger), and if you have never heard of it before or are curious about our previous reactions, you can find them here:

Ten Final Theses About the Acton Institute by Edwin Woodruff Tait about AU2015 (in this case the link is to the final post in the series, which will then give you links to all the others.)

What If I Told You the Boundaries Are Wrong? and The Good, the Bad, and the Amway by me about AU 2016

At previous AU experiences, one place I found common ground with the endeavor was in its emphases on the primacy of the family in our theological reflection, and the resulting practical implications for the proper role of government in our lives.

I hope those teachings were being applied this week for the benefit of attendees as the world was transfixed. I truly do.

Image: Wikimedia.

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