Transforming an Entire City: A Video from the 2016 Dallas Faith at Work Summit

At Work on Purpose engages over 8,000 working Christians in Cincinnati, Ohio—across church homes, denominations, zip codes, and ministries. This presentation introduces the citywide marketplace ministry model of At Work on Purpose, a contemporary workplace expression of the 1st Century Ekklesia for post-Christian America.

Learn about the identity, infrastructure, and initiatives that collectively form the foundation for citywide marketplace ministry in Cincinnati. This includes its innovative funding model of enterprise activity and its city-reaching emphasis grounded in marketplace resources and mindset. Equipped with universally transferable principles and adaptable best practices, you will gain fresh vision for a Faith at Work movement across an entire city.


1. How might you convene working Christians for the cause of faith at work throughout your city—across church homes, denominations, zip codes and ministries?

2. The Ekklesia mindset for the Church at work can be integrated into any community of working Christians, so where might you start in the city where you live?

3. In your city, what organizations and individuals might serve alongside you on a core team to pursue citywide marketplace ministry?

Chuck Proudfit is the Founder and President of At Work on Purpose, the nation’s largest citywide marketplace ministry. A graduate of Harvard University, Chuck also consults through his firm SKILLSOURCE. Author of Citywide Marketplace Ministry in a Box and BIZNISTRY, Chuck is a thought leader in marketplace ministry and city transformation through marketplace engagement. Chuck’s corporate experience comes from Procter & Gamble, The Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery, and LensCrafters Corporation.

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