Salting a Corporation: A Video from the 2014 Boston Faith at Work Summit

The purpose of the Faith@Work Summit is to gather active participants and leaders in the faith at work movement from every industry sector to learn from each other and work together to extend Christ’s transforming presence in workplaces around the world. The 2018 Faith at Work Summit, held in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare on October 11th-13th, is now open for registration! The early bird pricing for registration is now available at $179 per ticket, so be sure to purchase soon. 

Gloria Nelund spent nearly 30 years on Wall Street as one of the most successful executives in the international investment management industry. After retiring from Deutsche Bank, she co-founded TriLinc Global; an investment firm dedicated to creating impact investment products that will attract significant private capital to help solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. In 2013, TriLinc launched a $1.25 billion impact fund for U.S. retail investors to provide growing businesses in select developing economies. Gloria is also Chairman and Independent Trustee for RS Investments mutual fund complex, and a frequent guest lecturer at several top business schools. She writes about her talk here at the 2014 Boston Summit:

I spent almost 30 years on Wall Street, with a very successful career in the investment management industry. While I live by a personal commitment to honor God in all I do, I always felt guilty about having a career in business – especially one which I enjoyed and that brought me significant personal rewards. In 2005, I retired to finally be able to “serve God,” and after an almost three year “wilderness” journey of desperately seeking my purpose, God demonstrated that my job had been my very own mission field. I highlight my personal journey, disclosing my three “secrets to success” (working hard, solving problems and helping people) in navigating a career in some of the largest organizations in the world, offering some insight for being the only woman in the male-dominated investment industry, and revealing the one book that influenced all of my actions and perspectives.

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