The Green Room Needs You

A year and a half ago, we essentially started The Green Room from scratch. We were independent, beholden to no one, and had three goals: point leaders to resources they should know about, feature leaders in the movement, and ask hard questions that would help the movement go forward. We had no idea if anyone would be interested.

As it turns out, about 1000 people read this blog every month, over 100 people follow it to get notification of new posts, and we’ve been called “one of the most respected websites on faith and work” and garnered comments on our content like “thought-provoking,” “brilliant,” and “love this post and this space.”

How did we get here? About four years ago, a bunch of acquaintances got the opportunity to start a blog channel on Patheos focusing on issues of faith and work. We ran the channel for two years, and then it went one way and the group went another. But meanwhile, we had a board and a bit of money left over and an idea that we’d like to do something good for the faith and work movement.

At which point Mark Roberts said “What about a blog for faith and work movement leaders?” (This is a time-honored trope that, as far as we know, goes back to the movie Babes in Arms in the 1930s, where someone suggests the way out of a quandary: “Let’s put on a show!”)

If you’ve heard enough church stewardship talks or public radio pledge drives, you know that I’m moving towards the ask. Since we began the blog, we’ve been running on our previous funds to keep the lights on and find content. Soon those funds will come to an end. We thought you should know that.

We’re in discussions about how to make this an ongoing, sustainable project. We’d like to hear your ideas. We’re also open to donations of actual money. (I’m a church treasurer’s daughter. I don’t mind talking about actual money.) Right now, contact us if you want to set up a donation. We’re working on more formal ways, especially for those who want to pledge monthly support.

As you were. We’ll keep you posted.

PS. The quote in the featured photo is from Samuel Beckett, if you were wondering.

  One thought on “The Green Room Needs You

  1. January 19, 2018 at 9:59 am

    We have a donate button now:


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