An Update on The Call to Work

We recently received an email from The Call to Work (TC2W), a combination of a course and leadership training focusing on applying faith to everyday work. (We profiled Tracy Mathews, the person behind the course, in February.) Tracy reports:

We’ve started road testing the course content and the initial feedback has been encouraging. One of the main goals for the program is to help people apply their faith such that it actually changes the way they see and respond to life’s situations. To our great excitement, participants in our early piloting have shared the following:

“Believe learnings are key to living out my life going forward”

“… the principles I learned from going through the process will definitely guide my  decision making.”

Beyond life application and transformation, our other core objective for the program is to motivate and equip non-staff leaders to help concepts of whole life discipleship, and faith and work integration take root in their local church. Feedback from our early piloting is also showing effectiveness in this area.

She adds:

We’ve decided it’s time to spin The Call to Work out from Resource Global. This will allow The Call to Work to fully pursue its own mission and vision and will pave the way to setting up new strategic partnerships as we look to roll out nationally. We’d like to give a big thank you to Resource Global for incubating the original concept and development!

Tracy Mathews, head of TC2W

Finally, here’s how you can help:

  • Pray.  Pray that God would continue to use our piloting work to guide, encourage and transform each person that touches this program.

  • Provide videography services.  As we seek to roll-out the program within multiple churches, we will need to develop video based resources to allow us to scale more quickly. Please contact Tracy if you, or others you know, may be able to provide free or reduced rate videography services.

  • Donate.  Believe in what we are doing? Make a tax deductible donation to help fund our Fall Piloting work, and double your impact! A generous donor has agreed to match the next $25,000 that come in. Contact Tracy to make a donation.

We look forward to seeing how TC2W continues to develop!


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