Fat people earn less and have a harder time finding work. What does the faith at work movement have to say to them?


We ran into this somewhat disturbing story at the website of the BBC recently:

Even when they’re able to do the job competently, obese people routinely face discrimination in the workplace. While discrimination against employees because of their sex, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or disabilities is illegal in a growing number of countries, including the UK, many businesses still consider it perfectly acceptable to refuse to hire — or to fire — obese individuals .. . .

David Brittman, who has been overweight much of his life, recalls going to diversity training at a law firm where the Korean-American and African-American women leading the workshop talked about sex, racial, ethnic and religious discrimination. When he told them they were missing an entire group — fat people — they laughed and said they didn’t feel those employees were discriminated against.

As a movement, we’re thinking a lot recently about how to deal with people who are in various situations relating to suffering and work. Here’s one specific one that is well worth thinking more deeply about. TGR encourages you to read the whole article and contemplate a response.

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