New $1.5 million grant to fund national research on faith and work

Rice just announced this grant in late April:

The comprehensive study will focus on U.S. workers and will comprise a broad-based national, random-sample survey of approximately 12,000 people from multiple religious traditions and no religious tradition. Research will explore faith at work as well as religious discrimination. It will include focus groups with both professional and working-class participants and as many as 200 in-depth, follow-up interviews.

After the survey, the project will examine the unique challenges that Christians (including  moderate, conservative and liberal Protestants and Catholics) face in their workplaces and careers; how their faith does or does not address such challenges; and the best ways clergy and others may attend to these challenges. [Read more]

Among the researchers is Denise Daniels, whose reflections on women and work have appeared in this space courtesy of the 2016 Faith & Work Summit. She will be collaborating with the study’s principal researcher, Elaine Howard Ecklund, the Herbert S. Autrey Chair in Social Sciences at Rice. Congratulations, Denise! TGR appreciates the broad focus of the study and hopes it will get all these different Christian groups talking to each other about faith and work.

  One thought on “New $1.5 million grant to fund national research on faith and work

  1. Denise Daniels
    April 30, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    I’m very excited to be participating with this project, and think it will provide some very useful information for many people and organizations involved with Faith at Work. Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂


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