Some recent comments on our posts

  • “A really thought-provoking piece.”
  • [on a review of a curriculum on work for children] “This looks great! I’m going to forward to our church’s children’s education people. Really appreciate not just the content but the willingness to share so generously.”
  • “Brilliant essay! Better, fuller, non-ideological study of history plus genuine listening to others, with a teachable spirit. THEN we can offer to help alongside others. Not in a patronizing way but as co-laborers standing on the flat ground in front of the cross. You capture all the right notes here. Thank you.”
  • “Our culture makes it so easy to build walls and slap labels on them. We need to tear down the walls and begin relating to each other as individuals, despite (or maybe in spite) of our differences. It’s hard, scary work for some of us. Your words are a beacon, shining the Light in dark places. God bless you.”
  • “Great thoughts. So much work to be done.”
  • “Love this post and this space. Adding it to my Feedly feed.”
  • “Well done, you controversialist! Look forward to the next post.”
  • “I am enjoying your Green Room posts.”

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