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Being Civic Minded (1 of 2)

Being civic minded has been neglected in the faith and work movement thus far, and yet is so necessary. What is civic mindedness? And how does our work in the community as normal citizens help to redeem the call to civil service and elected office? Tim Keller’s son works as an urban planner in New York City. By virtue of…

Why Faith@Work is Important

More than ever before, humanity is in a crisis over work. People change jobs and careers 6 times or more in their lives. Robotics will threaten even professional level vocations over the next decade. Darwinian competition trumps teamwork and human dignity. Our work – our commitment to bring God’s truth, love, and human dignity to the work lives of all people – has never been so important! How can we better equip ourselves for our work, for our calling? How do we help others work in a world that is increasingly unaware of and even hostile to the hope of the gospel? How does the Biblical story and a deep understanding of the gospel give us the resources to persevere, the winsomeness to witness, the character to be just, and the calling to make a difference?


Katherine Leary Alsdorf (BA, Wittenberg; MBA, Darden School, UVa) founded Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s Center for Faith & Work in New York City and served as Executive Director from 2002 – 2012. She established the intensive Gotham Fellows program, an Entrepreneurship Initiative to start new gospel-centered ventures, Arts Ministries, and numerous vocation groups. She now helps churches in other cities to establish faith and work ministries. She spent 25 years in the high tech industry in California and New York. She is co-author with Tim Keller of Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work.

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