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A New Liturgy For Daily Work

We stumbled on this site the other day (thanks to a recommendation from Made to Flourish): A New Liturgy.

They’ve released six 25-minute works: each is a “journey of music, prayer, scripture, and space that helps open us to The Almighty in any location, season, community, or emotion” and create “holy space wherever we find ourselves.”

#5, found here, is specifically a liturgy for commuting: “Carried by piano, string quartet, and some pounding floor toms, “Here are my Hands” invites us to turn our cars, bikes, or trains into rolling sanctuaries that launch us into God’s good work in our jobs and lives.” Other liturgies focus on worshipping God in Creation and in being blessed to be a blessing. The artists describe their musical approach as “What if a piano-based indie rock band led a Catho-Protestant Mass?”

Check it out!

P.S. On their Facebook page, they’re taking suggestions for where the next liturgy is most needed.




7 Ways to Name Flourishing From the Pulpit

In the first post (5 Reasons Pastors Fail to Identify Flourishing From the Pulpit) we looked at the risk of flourishing being a buzzword that people write off, and the reason why many pastors are hesitant to name that which flourishes in one’s community. Sadly, pastors are not well equipped with helpful doctrine, definitions, or demands to identify flourishing, and…